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Life on a Jersey Farm
Jersey, the Channel Islands
Take life as it comes
Uncle Dudley my special father
We move again
A Bridesmaid
Grandpa’s sad story
A weekend with my grandpa
Dingding, our French Nanny
On Honeymoon in Africa
Uncle Freddy my first stepfather
Dear Readers
Uncle Freddy my stepfather
Dingding, our French Nanny
A gentleman
A great sadness
The London Season
My father’s family history
Venetia’s Journey to Japan
Happy New Year
A happy person always tries to look towards the light
The roots of Halloween
Plan your life at New Years
Shiwasu (December)
Ode to Autumn
Ancient Gods and Nature
Autumn of Cottage Garden
Summer : A time to plant and a time to pluck up
Rainy Season, Bee
June, Spanish Garden
Flower Season
Spring Flowers
Soil and Composite
Winter Purification
Morning of New Year
Preparation for Christmas
Take life as it comes
Natural way of life
Japan's pottery and china
Memory of voyage
Plant potatoes with Joe
Danger of plastic
About plastic
Snow mountain
The last month of winter
My husband and family
Nature is the Art of God
The eyes are the windows of the soul
Waste not, want not
Save Energy
Journey to India
Climbing Hakusan
Autumn of appetite
Enviromental protection in shopping
Ice herb tea
Early to bed and early to rise
Gentleness and sincerity
Little creatures in my garden
My diary
Focus on the positive side
Silver lining in every cloud
Each breath is so precious
Mother's role
Mountain hike
By the stove
Valentine's Day
Count your blessings
Different methods of healing
My husband's accident
In the hospital (cont2)
In the hospital (cont3)
Preparations for Christmas
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